Kathryn Finter - Contemporary Manuscript Illumination

Welcome to my contemporary manuscript illumination web site. I'm an artist who specializes in 15th century materials and techniques of panel painting and manuscript illumination.

St. Catherine of Alexandria
Facsimile of Simone Martini's St. Catherine of Alexandria (portion), Kathryn Finter, 1993
23K gold leaf, opaque and semi-opaque watercolour paint on goat skin parchment

The original painting is gold leaf and tempera on panel. Simone Martini (1284-1344) is one of small number of artists known to have mastered both panel painting and manuscript illumination. Working from the original panel painting hanging in the National Gallery of Canada, I recreated Simone Martini's St. Catherine using illuminated manuscript materials and techniques. This has given me a better understanding of how to adapt painting style to accommodate differences in size, support, and medium.

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